Fairness & RNG testing methods of betonred.ng operated by DXG HOSPITALITY LIMITED.

Online gambling should be fair. And while this requires players to behave honestly and without malicious intent, it is the responsibility of sport betting to take all necessary measures to ensure that players can enjoy the game in fair and safe conditions.


A “fair sport betting” is an online betting that:

  • pays out all legitimate winnings;
  • does not include unfair terms in its terms and conditions;
  • does not resort to deceptive practices to cheat players;
  • prevents access from restricted countries (does not allow players from certain countries to create an account or play) and only grants bonuses to those players who can use them.

Even sport betting with fair rules and a good approach to gambling can engage in dubious practices for players. In some cases, players may ignore certain rules and inadvertently break them, even though the rules are fair in opinion. That is why sport betting should ensure compliance with all rules using technological means to prevent players from unintentionally getting into trouble.


Fair and safe sport betting like betonred.ng operated by DXG HOSPITALITY LIMITED are those that meet all the criteria of “fair and safe sport betting” and have also implemented measures that prevent players from accidentally breaking the rules or doing something that harms their own interests.

Therefore, “fair and safe sport betting” should prevent players from violating the general terms and conditions, bonus terms and conditions, or any other rules that could jeopardize the money they have in their account. In particular, “fair and safe” sport betting should:

  • ensure compliance with maximum bet amount limitations, restricted games, and other bonus conditions;
  • warn players that they are about to do something that could be detrimental to them (such as accepting a bonus that could void the winnings of the previous bonus);
  • check for multiple accounts when creating an account (we suggest checking the database for a combination of the new player’s name and date of birth and displaying a warning if any results are found; we will discuss this in more detail below).

Fair sport betting like betonred.ng operated by DXG HOSPITALITY LIMITEDworks only with trusted software providers in the field of gambling.

With the exception of LIVE sport betting, in order to ensure the integrity of our sport betting, a Random Number Generator (RNG) is always used to determine the randomness of such games.

This is a standard industry system which ensures consistently random results which has also been extensively tested by running and analyzing thousands of game rounds. The randomness of the RNG provides a credible and fair gaming environment.

We cooperate with gambling regulatory authorities and online gambling licensing organizations with the intent of ensuring our compliance with the legislation of relevant jurisdictions.